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Founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 1976, Spector basses have always been built with the confidence, the creativity, and the power of the greatest city on earth. Several years ago, we relocated our USA custom shop to the world-famous town of Woodstock, New York and it’s here that a small team of skilled, trusted luthiers brings to life some of the greatest hand-made basses available, just like in the early days of Brooklyn’s famed Woodworkers Collective.

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The true voice of an instrument lies in the woods used to craft it. At Spector, we offer an assortment of premium woods that players can select depending on their desired tone and style. Although no two pieces are alike, many of the tone woods we offer possess a distinct sound and appearance. Some of our most popular choices include Quilted Maple, Buckeye Burl, Reclaimed Redwood and Swamp Ash. Use the gallery below to browse through a selection of woods we offer. There are always different varieties and unique species available. Please contact us to learn about additional choices.

USA series birdseye redwood swatch

Birdseye Redwood

USA series buckeye burl 1 swatch

Buckeye Burl

USA series claro walnut swatch

Claro Walnut

USA series flame maple 1 swatch

Curly Maple

USA series maple burl swatch

Maple Burl

USA series quilted maple swatch

Quilted Maple

USA series solid quilted maple swatch

Solid Quilted Maple

USA series spalted maple swatch

Spalted Maple

USA series exotic maple swatch

Exotic Maple

USA series old growth redwood swatch

Old-Growth Redwood

USA series reclaimed redwood swatch

Reclaimed Redwood

swamp ash

Swamp Ash


Like with body woods, Spector offers several options for fingerboard woods including Pau Ferro, figured Maple including Quilted & Birdseye, and varieties of Ebony. Each fingerboard wood offers a different feel and tone, with some choices better suited for certain playing styles. After selecting a fingerboard wood, there are a variety of inlay shapes and materials to choose from including Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Black Mother of Pearl, and a variety of custom colored acrylic options. Spector also offers custom inlay options to make your instrument truly unique.

closeup of position marker on fretboard

Pau Ferro

closeup of position marker on fretboard

Birdseye Maple

two fretboards

Quilted Maple

closeup of position markers on fretboard


two fretboards

Macassar Ebony

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Our unique offering of finishes bring life to your instrument. Since every piece of wood is distinct in its appearance, we stain each instrument individually in an attempt to bring out the unique personality of your instrument. Whether you prefer the subtle elegance of a rich stain and a matte finish, or the eye-catching splendor of a brilliant high-gloss finish, Spector offers a wide variety of professional finishing options. Though the possibilities are nearly endless, the gallery below contains examples of some of our newest and most popular finishes. Not seeing the color you had in mind? Contact us with your idea and we'll be happy to custom mix a color to your liking.

USA series ultra amber swatch

Ultra Amber

USA series faded black cherry swatch

Faded Black Cherry

Coda series inferno red swatch

Inferno Red

Coda series faded blue swatch

Faded Blue

USA series super faded black swatch

Super Faded Black

Coda series black stain gloss swatch

Black Stain

Coda series black and gold swatch

Black and Gold

Coda series blue-green algae swatch

Green Stain

closeup of body of C series electric bass with tobacco sunburst swatch

Natural Tobacco Sunburst

closeup of body of Coda Series electric bass with walnut stain

Walnut Stain

USA series bahama blue swatch

Bahama Blue

USA series black cherry swatch

Black Cherry

USA series ultra violet swatch

Ultra Violet


Our Forte Series instruments are exclusively available with matte finishes. This durable finish highlights the unique grain patterns of your instrument's tone wood, resulting in a one-of-a-kind appearance that is sure to impress. The matte finish is also smooth the touch, making for a fast and comfortable playing experience. Our most popular options are featured in the gallery below, however we are happy to work with you to create a finish that best suits you.

USA Forte series black stain matte swatch

Black Stain

USA Forte series black cherry stain matte ash wings swatch

Black Cherry Stain

USA Forte Series blue stain matte ash wings swatch

Blue Stain

USA Forte series walnut stain matte ash wings swatch

Walnut Stain

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