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Available In 4-String Set (45-105)


Founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 1976, Spector basses have always been built with the confidence, the creativity, and the power of the Empire State. This tradition, that began over 40 years ago, of handcrafting the world’s finest basses continues today in our small workshop just outside of Woodstock, New York. Each instrument that passes through our builders’ hands is carefully constructed to ensure maximum resonance, effortless playability, and unrivaled beauty.

Spector’s small-batch approach to crafting professional-grade instruments has carried over to our line of custom-wound strings, also made in New York. Using premium materials and time-honored techniques, Spector has developed a custom formula that achieves a balance between longevity, feel, and the impressive attack and sustain that Spector is known for. These nickel-plated, round wound strings are the perfect complement to Spector’s iconic instruments.

  • Nickel-Plated Round Wound
  • Hand wound in New York by La Bella Strings
  • Used on Spector USA series basses
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With unrivaled playability, powerful pickups, and 45 years of experience, Spector basses have established themselves as the authority on modern bass design.