Alex Webster
Alex Webster Cannibal Corpse
The tone is like a sledgehammer hitting a giant bell. It has all the sustain and bottom end you could ever want.
Reilly Hererra
Reilly Hererra Night Verses
Spector basses are hands down my favorite basses and by far the most versatile I've ever played.
Rudy Sarzo
Rudy Sarzo Quiet Riot
It’s like a swiss army knife, in terms of bringing a bass that gives me every tone I need.


Aaron Mills Cameo, Outkast, Gwen Stefani
Alejandra Villarreal playing electric bass in concert Alejandra Villarreal the warning
Alessandro Jacobi Alessandro Jacobi Elvenking, Moonlight Haze
Alex Webster in concert Alex Webster Cannibal Corpse
Bryan Beller playing electric bass in concert Bryan Beller Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dethklok
Cartlon Armstrong
Colin Edwin in concert Colin Edwin Porcupine Tree
artist, Dan Briggs, holding Spector bass Dan Briggs Between the Buried and Me
Daniel Villareal playing electric bass in concert Daniel Villareal Agora
artist, Doug Wimbish, playing Spector bass inside brick building Doug Wimbish Living Colour
Ethan Trembath playing electric bass in concert Ethan Trembath Formerly Alien Weaponry
Evander Swaby Evander Swaby Jay Prince/Mansur Brown
Graham Maby playing electric bass in concert Graham Maby Joe Jackson
Greg Perel Hayehudim, Methods
Gurdip Singh Narang playing blue electric bass in concert Gurdip Singh Narang Gutslit
Gustavo Estrada playing electric bass in concert Gustavo Estrada Antenor
Guy Pratt holding a Spector bass Guy Pratt Madonna, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson
Henrik Sandelin in concert Henrik Sandelin Avatar
artist, Ian Hall, playing electric bass in concert Ian Hill Judas Priest
James Loughlin playing electric bass in concert James Loughlin moe.
James Rosacha playing electric bass James Rosocha
Jody Linnell in concert Jody Linnell Smile Empty Soul
Kip Winger Kip Winger
Kira Sima DNR, Alkemy
Lenny Bradford playing bass in concert Lenny Bradford Joe Lewis Walker
Lil Asmar playing Spector bass on sofa Lil Asmar Solo
Loren Scott playing bass in concert Loren Scott Unprovoked
Maddox Messer in concert Maddox Messer Messer
musician holding bass Mark Kelley The Roots
artist, Matt Dirito, holding Spector bass and holding out fist with rings on four fingers Matt Dirito Pop Evil
Mike Kroeger playing electric bass in concert Mike Kroeger Nickelback
musician in sweatshirt playing electric bass Mono Neon
Nicki Tedesco playing bass in concert Nicki Tedesco
Olivier Pinard in concert Olivier Pinard Cattle Decapitation
artist, Quinten Berry, holding Spector bass Quintin Berry Solo
artist, Reilly Herrerra, playing Spector bass in concert Reilly Hererra Night Verses
artist, Rudy Sarzo, playing Spector bass Rudy Sarzo Quiet Riot
Scott Wilson in underground tunnel surrounded by fire holding bass Scott Wilson Saving Abel
Sean Pollacco playing electric bass in concert Sean Pollacco Pilgrimage
artist, Skylar Accord, playing electric bass in concert Skyler Acord Issues
Tim King Tim King Soil
artist, Tony Hall, holding Spector electric bass Tony Hall Dumpstaphunk
Turanga Morgan-Edmonds Alien Weaponry
artist, Vincent Romanelli, playing Spector bass in concert Vincent Romanelli Moontooth

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