Spector Artist List 2

Alphabetical by First Name

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A.B. Quintanilla III

Model: NS-5XL
Band: Selena, Kumbia Kings


Model: NS-2, NS-2JA-R, Forte 4X
Band: Marc Rizzo, 13 Hands, Connected, Corevalay

Aalics Bronson

Model: Euro5LX, Euro6LX, NS-5CR
Band: Red Lotus, Spacebudda, The Jean Marx Express

Aaron Mills

Model: NS-5XL
Band: Cameo, Outkast, Ramsey Lewis

Abbas Razvi

Model: Legend4, Rex4 Pro
Band: Skrypt (India)

AD Zimmer

Model: Euro4LX
Band: Lou Gramm

Adalid Andaluz

Model: NS-2000/5
Band: Antidoping (Mexico)

Adam Biggs

Model: Euro6LX, Legend6
Band: Rivers of Nihil

Adrian “G!ZMO” Taylor

Model: Performer5
Band: Morgan Myles, Billy Dawson


Barend Courbois

Model: NS-2O, NS-4
Band: Blind Gardian (Germany)

Barrett Klesko

Model: Legend4 Classic
Band: The Order Of Chaos, All Else Fails

Beau Diveley

Model: ReBop4DLX
Band: Howitzer

Ben Chapman

Model: Legend4 Classic
Band: Desecrate Fate

Ben Jindra

Model: Coda5DLX, NS4-CRFM, Euro5LX
Band: Tyler Rich

Ben Martin

Model: Performer4, Legend5
Band: The Hooplas