Solor Artist & Composer
Plays the USA Series™
Coda-4 Standard™
& NS-2™
"Stuart Spector's Re-Envisioning of a Classic Bass Design"
All of our USA Series™ Guitars are made by Stuart and his small group of dedicated master craftsmen. For nearly 40 years Stuart has worked diligently to perfect the art of building guitars by hand using and unique mixture of old-world techniques and modern materials.
Built-to-order using only the finest materials available, the Spector®  USA Coda-Deluxe™ basses represent a re-envisioning of the classic electric basses of the 1970's. 

These basses offer the traditional styling and a familiar design platform, but feature the world-renown build-quality and attention to detail that has made Stuart Spector one of the most respected master luthiers working today.

The bodies are made from lightweight alder featuring Premium Quilt Maple or Buckeye Burl tops.  Fingerboard materials include Stuart's preferred wood, Pau Ferro (Bolivian Rosewood) and Premium Birdseye Maple.

Lastly, these basses are powered by Aguilar's OBP-2™ Active 9v Tone Circuits and offer a passive bypass switch (in a push-pull pot) and a variety of pickup options to choose from.
Coda-4 Deluxe™
Dressed up with the design features most commonly associated with Spector® such as beautiful figured Maple tops and the distinctive Spector Crown Inlays™ the Coda-Deluxe models have been received with overwhelming approval.
Coda-5 Deluxe™
This 34" scale 5-String version of the Coda Deluxe™ features the same trademark elements of the Coda-4 Deluxe™ but with the added boom of the low-end that a low-B string brings.
Coda-5XL Deluxe™
This 35" Extra-Long Scale 5-String version of the Coda Deluxe™ was created for those bassists who have become accustomed to the extra articulation that having a 35" scale instrument provides.  It also allows for more articulation when down-tuning your bass.
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